Well Rehabilitation

Maintain High Production Levels

Protecting your well is crucial to maintaining its efficient operation. If you have any questions about your well's production, or the effects of water conditions on your well, contact Rottman Drilling Company. Licensed in California and Nevada (California Contractor License number: C-57-316599 and Nevada Contractor License number: 0036348), we have the tools and the expertise needed to identify the root cause of the problem, and we can implement the necessary solutions.

Answering Your Well Maintenance Questions

Do you have any questions at all about your well? Contact us for well maintenance service, including video inspections. Once we’ve gotten the results of our checkup, we can implement the necessary restoration services.

Some of Our Well Restoration Options

Video Survey
We recommend performing a video survey every 5 years or when a pump is removed from the well. This will allow us to find potential problems when they are small so we can repair your well rather than replace it prematurely.
Often, your well’s perforations become sealed with either oxidized material, or sediment from surrounding formations. Brushing removes corrosive and particulate matter from your well’s casing, with either steel or plastic bristles attached to a weighted tool. We can also use our partners to provide high-pressure water jetting and chemical treatment if necessary to improve your well’s performance.
If sediment and particulate matter has built up in the bottom of your well, bailing captures and scoops out the material. Using a special tool, we can remove sediment that’s settled, or has been brushed loose from the casing during the brushing process.
Swabbing consists of the use of a suction tool to create a vacuum that flushes out the perforations, while opening up the surrounding formation to increase your well's total water yield.
Swage Repair
The well’s casing will deteriorate over time and holes or splits can develop and allow sand and gravel to enter the well. This will lead to pump wear and eventual well failure. A swage patch can be placed over the hole or split to stop any further sand intrusion and add several more years to the useful life of your well.
Other Services
There is not a one size fits all method of well rehabilitation. We work with several different rehabilitation experts in the water well industry that can help us develop a plan to address your individual challenges.
Call us today to take advantage of three generations of well rehabilitation knowledge
and experience.
We also offer destruction of abandoned wells, in addition to water pump sales and installation services.
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