Well Drilling

High Yield Well Drilling Services

We are able to drill with Air, Direct, and Reverse Rotary drilling techniques. Our Direct Rotary drilling methods ensure minimal formation damage and reduced development times. These wells typically have a higher yield than identical Reverse Rotary wells.

Extensive Drilling Capabilities

Many of our wells extend to depths of 2,000 feet and below, with our drilling capabilities exceeding 3,000 feet. Examples of the deepest wells we have completed:
  • Ten 1,800 to 2,200-foot 16-inch Direct Rotary wells
  • Numerous 1,200 to 1,800-foot 14-inch and 16-inch Direct Rotary wells
  • Two 2,000-foot Reverse Rotary wells, one 16-inch and one 12-inch
  • Numerous 600 to 1200-foot 14-inch and 16-inch Reverse Rotary wells
  • Six 2,000-foot Direct Rotary Multi-Piezometer wells

Licensed in California and Nevada

For the cleanest drill site, most timely construction, and strongest producing wells, Rottman Drilling Company recommends Direct Rotary drilling techniques in most conditions. Additional information highlighting the benefits and addressing the common misconceptions of Direct Rotary drilling.
We look forward to the opportunity to address all of your agricultural, industrial, municipal, and domestic needs.
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Take advantage of three generations of well drilling with superior reputation, experience and expertise. Licensed in California and Southern and Western Nevada (California Contractor License number: C-57-316599 and Nevada Contractor License number: 0036348).
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