Well Destruction

Safe, Effective Well Destruction Services

The California Department of Water Resources considers a well to be “abandoned” if it has not been used for a period of one year, unless the owner can show their intention to use it again. Because destruction requirements vary from county to county, it’s vital that you find a well destruction partner with the knowledge of these requirements, as well as the ability to meet them.

Qualified to Handle Well Destruction

As a C-57 licensed contractor (California Contractor License number: C-57-316599 and Nevada Contractor License number: 0036348), Rottman Drilling Company has the expertise and the credentials to assist you in the identification and destruction of abandoned wells.

Ensure the Safe Destruction of Abandoned Wells

Improper well destruction can lead to a number of highly dangerous risks, including:

People (especially small children), pets, and wild animals can become trapped in an abandoned well, leading to severe injury and death.
Chemicals and bacteria can enter a well from the ground’s surface, and holes may have been used for disposal of trash and hazardous substances. Contamination can then pass into the water supply.
The well can serve as a conduit between aquifers, meaning water can pass through and degrade the water supply.
It’s crucial that abandoned wells be destroyed, and the subsurface restored to pre-well conditions. With more than three generations of well expertise and experience, the team at Rottman Drilling Company understands how to properly destroy an abandoned well, and meet all the requirements for risk mitigation.
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